The Jubilant Force Behind ohmBox - Jasmine & Joy

This business is a brainchild of two good friends who love so many of the same things and only discovered one more similarity after 10 years of friendship, in a crucial 30-minute phone conversation. Our love for crystals.

Essential oils have been a part of Jasmine's life since teenage years however she was nudged in the direction of alternative medication when her first born, Aliya fell ill and the only way out was to boost immunity. As she delved deeper in search of natural remedies, Jasmine found her calling as an aromatherapist helping friends and family with therapeutic healing treatments. Through her recent practice of meditation, she has discovered the flow of good energy through crystals.

Joy on the other hand has always been fascinated with crystals as a child as her parents would stay for hours in a relative's house listening to him yabber on about the benefits of having one or multiple ones in the home. Mum always said "Do Not Touch!" so all she could do was steal glances at those colourful, shimmering rocks. Years went by and her interest in these elusive stones led her to the world of gemology, earning her a Graduate Gemologist diploma from GIA. From overseas subscription boxes to bracelets, accessories and trips, she's done 'em all. One thing for sure, it costs way too much money.

With this in mind, we wanted to create a budget conscious wellness box to share and learn about alternative healing and exploring different avenues to a more holistic lifestyle. ohmBox is about love, sharing and inclusivity. We want to help our local businesses flourish while giving our customers the excitement of receiving a box curated out of TLC at their doorstep every month.